Saturday, June 24, 2006

Commercials that won at Cannes

Guinness 'Noitulove'

Stella Artois 'Ice Skating Priests'
Carlton Draught 'Big Ad'
Ariston 'Underwater World'
Smooth-E 'Love Stories'
Honda 'Choir'
Honda 'Impossible Dream'
Sony Bravia 'Balls'
Canal+ 'March of the Emperor'
Bangkok Insurance 'Tyre, Twister & Robbery'
Department of Transport 'Camera Phone'
Institute for Support of Abused Children 'Alzheimers'
Sony 'Balls' for Best Use of Music

Knorr Soups 'Vladimir & Spanish Russian'
Amora 'Martian, Spider & Parade'
Masterfoods 'Factory'
Masterfoods 'Grace, Dinner, Heart-to-heart, Fever, Videogame'
Wrigleys 'Welcome'
Interbiz 'Dog'
Tango 'Bravo'
Axe 'Shower'
Nike 'Run Barefoot'
Nike 'R10 Crossbar'
Toyota 'Humanity' (Injustice! This deserved gold)
VW Fox 'Pulp Fiction, Titanic, Shining, Jaws, Exorcist, Alien & Starwars'
AUDI RS4 'Emotions'
Ikea 'Freedom'
Gap 'Dust'
Burger King 'America's Favourite, More Mayo & Extra Cheese'
XBOX 'Jumprope'
Lotto 'Old People's Home'
Adidas 'Equipo & Parido'
Adidas 'Brazil Vs. Argentina & 3 other spots'
MTV 'Father & Daughter'
Sundance Channel 'Best Cigarette'
Ameriquest 'Concert & Doctor'
Vodafone 'Gay, Son, Wedding & Pregnant'
AOL 'Good & Bad'
Berlitz 'Mayday, Mayday'
American Legacy Foundation 'Twinkies, Contaminants & Mother-in-law'
Aides 'Sugar Love Baby'
Truth 'Messages'
Mexican Red Cross 'Killing Death'

Charal 'Too Late'
Japan Dairy Council 'Love Letter'
Cadbury Italia 'Vapours'
Nestle 'Ashes'
Masterfoods 'Trade'
United Biscuits 'Door'
Smirnoff 'Love' (Deserved a gold in my opinion)
Miller Brewing Company "Racoon, Turtle, Goose, Bear, Penguin & Otter'
Coca-Cola 'What Goes Around'
Horlicks 'Taxi'
Coca-Cola 'Round The Fire'
Coke Zero 'Accident, Tow Truck & Sorry Mum'
Energizer 'Beard'
Jotun 'Work Overall'
Electrolux 'Suicide'
Lynx 'Lynxjet, Demo & Blanket'
Axe 'Coinage'
Up & Go 'Marathon'
Pampers 'Lullaby'
Pfizer 'Savana'
Altana 'Bird'
Nike 'Reincarnate'
Nike 'Maureen'
Bento 'Kiki'
Chevrolet 'Village'
Pon's 'Asking Directions, Gas Station & Parking'
Renault 'Crash Test'
Toyota Tacoma 'Tide'
Olympus 'Laska'
Amp'D Mobile 'Bus & Family Function'
Sony 'Remake'
Ikea 'Welcome'
McDonald's 'Boot'
McDonald's 'Inner Child'
Strabucks 'Bleachers'
Gol Linhas Aeras 'Bird'
Gay & Lesbian Festival "Sperm'
Club Atletico 'Letter Home'
Buenos Aires 'Zoo' (Surely deserves more than a bronze!)
Camelot 'Bag of smiles'
Tribeca 'Transvestite'
Digital+ 'Lost in translation, Million dollar baby, Adaptation'
SkyOne 'Come Home to the Simpsons'
National Geographic 'Words'
Mobiliar 'Photographer'
Fedex 'Stick' 'Celebration & Pointer'
Orange 'Blackout'
Proximus 'Tour de France'
Orange 'Darth Vader'
Five 'Cow & Pigs'
Nike 'Press Conference'
NZ Road Safety 'High Rise'
Grupo 'Optical Illusion'
Innocence in Danger 'Boy & Girl'
Wateraid Australia 'Blackwater Springs'
The Homstead 'Win a TV & Win a Gym'
Amnesty 'Guns for Sale'
Orphans Christmas Appeal 'Pavement'

Commercial Break watchers have seen most of these. The ones you haven't seen, I shall feature over the next week.

Only 10 of the commercials I thought will win, actually made the grade. A shocking omission from the winner's List was Volkswagen 'Angel's Day Off'. Also, at least one winner has just recycled an old idea from the internet. I don't understand how the judges can gift that piece a metal.

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