Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Good & The Great Commericals of 2006

Listed below are my picks for The Good and The Great of 2006. Don't go by the order. I've just listed them randomly.

1. " Guardian Angels" for Volkswagen Polo. Created by DDB London. Made by Academy.
2. "Breakfast" for Mercator Insurances. Created by Duval Guillame, Antwerp.
3. "Past Experience" for Heineken. Created by Leo Burnett, Sydney. Made by Sydney Film Company.
4. "Monster" for Hummer. Created by Modernista.
5. "Turbulence" for AmeriQuest. Created by DDB, LA. Made by MJZ.
6. "Fabio" for Nationwide Insurance. Created by TM Advertising, Texas.
7. "Sunshine" for US Department of Health. Created by Saatchi & Saatchi, New York. Made by Gorgeous, London. Music by Solid State Revival.
8. "Coastguard" for Berlitz. Created by BTS United Oslo. Made by Motion Blur.
9. "Masterpiece" for Stella Artois. Created by Lowe Roche, Toronto. Made by MJZ. Directed by Matthijs van Heijningen.
10. "Hair Whip, Pop Out & Stomach Hold In" for Trumpet. Created by Colenso BBDO, Auckland. Made by The Sweet Shop.
11. "Guru" for Kleenex. Created by JWT New York.
12. "Gay, Son & Pregnant" for Vodafone. Created by JWT London. Made by Outsider USA.
13. "Great Wall" for Staples. Created by McCann-Erickson, NY. Made by Paranoid Projects.
14. "Frog" for Volkswagen GTI. Created by DDB Berlin.
15. "Swinger" for Science World. Created by Rethink, Vancouver. Made by Radke Films.
16. "What Goes Around" for Coke. Created by Mother London. Made by Nexus.
17. "March of the Penguins & Thin Blue Line" for Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. Created by McKinsey Silver, Durham. Made by Form. Directed by Kevin Donovan.
18. "Twister" for Bangkok Insurance. Created by Creative Juice/G1. Directed by Thanonchai Sornsriwichai.
19. "Long Goodnight" for Holiday Inn. Created by St. John. Made by Untitled.
20. "Raptor & Rock" for BC Dairy. Created by DDB Vancouver. Made by Zanita Films.
21. "Invisible Man" for National Aids Trust. Created by Saatchi & Saatchi. Made by Hanrahan.
22. "Aids Awareness" for AIDES. Created by TBWA Paris. Made by Wanda. Directed by Wilfrid Brimo.
23. "Ashes" for Kit Kat. Created by JWT London. Made by Another Film.
24. "Love Stories 1, 2, 3 & 4" for Smooth-E. Created by Jeh United Bangkok. Made by Phenomena Bangkok.
25. "Humanity" for Toyota. Created by Hakhuodo. Made by Stink.
26. "Hands, Shoes, Shoulder & Swing" for Nike. Created by W+K Portland. Made by Anonymous Content. Directed by Malcolm Venville.
27. "Milkman" for Humo + Durex. Viral video created by DGB. Made by Pix & Motion.
28. "Arboretum" for Sears. Created by Y&R Chicago. Made by MJZ. FX by Method Studios.
29. "Housewarming" for Solo Mobile. Created by Rethink, Vancuover. Made by Reginald Pike.
30. "Happiness Factory" for Coke. Created by W+K. Made by Psyops.
31. "Save Your Saliva" for Orange M6 Mobile. Created by BDDP & Fils. Made by Nose- Premiere Heure, France.
32. "Dream Team" for Dream Team Productions. Created & Made by Dream Team.
33. "Penny Neglect 1, 2 & 3" for Virgin Mobile. Created by Mother New York. Made by The Glue Society.
34. "City Lights" for Happydent. Created by McCann-Erickson, Mumbai. Made by Equinox Films. Directed by Ram Madhvani.
35. "Breathe" for Greenpeace. Created by Publicis Mojo, Auckland. Made by Revolver Film, Australia.
36. "Cougar" for Nissan 4x4. Created by TBWA/G1 Paris. Made by La Pac and Czar.
37. "Sunflower Park" for McCain's Oven Chips. Created by Beattie McGuinness Bungay. Made by Partizan.
38. "Porok" for XBox 360. Created by MTV India. Made by MTV India.
39. "Magic Numbers" for Orange. Created by Mother, London. Made by Independent Films.
40. "Devenez du Matin" for Ricore. Created by Wam Publicis. Made by Wanda Productions.
41. "Alzheimer's" for Instituto de Apoio a Cnaca. Created by Leo Burnett, Portugal. Produced by Regina Costa.
42. "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" for Sky Cinema Classics. Created by Angelfish. Made by Angelfish.
43. "Footsteps" for The Prince's Trust. Created by Clemmow Hornby Inge. Made by Outsider.
44. "Topic" for Geico. Made by Furlined. Directed by Will Speck and Josh Gordon.
45. "Paint Ad" for Sony Bravia. Created by Fallon UK. Directed by Jonathan Glazer.
46. "Let The Cat Out" for Parkinson's Society. Created by Grey London. Made by Partizan.
47. "Life Shapes" for Hyundai Santa Fe. Created by The Richards Group. Made by Outsider.
48. "The Scientist" for HSBC. Created by JWT.
49. "Headplayer" for Pamol. Created by Bob Helsinki. Made by Flodellfilm.
50. "Get a Mac campaign - Viruses, Restarting, Better, iLife, Network & WSJ" for Apple.

1. "Choir" for Honda Civic. Created by W + K. Made by Partizan.
2. "Killing Death" for Red Cross. Created by Saatchi & Saatchi, Mexico. Made by unknown.
3. "Evolution" for Dove. Created by Ogilvy Toronto. Made by Reginald Pike.
4. "Imaginary Guide" for Melbourne City. Created by George Patts Y&R Melbourne. Made by Revolver Films.
5. "Taste it in this life" for Tiger Beer. Created by Saatchi & Saatchi, NZ. Made by Film Construction.
6. "Transactional Fluidity" for Visa. Created by TBWA\Chiat\Day, LA. Directed by Kinka Usher. Made by House of Usher.
7. "Bald" for Arnet Broadband. Created by Santos - Buenos Aires. Made by Wasabi Films.
8. "Teleshop" for Amnesty. Created by Mother London. Made by Blink Productions, London.
9. "Together" for Buenos Aires Zoo. Created by Saatchi & Saatchi. Made by Lobo.
10. "Fish" for Axe. Created by Vegaolmosponce. Created by Traktor Argentina.

Source: Boardsmag, bestadsontv, Reginaldpike & Shots.


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Blogeswari said...

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