Thursday, February 15, 2007

Baby in the water

"Baby in the water" for Swim for Life. Created by Lowe Worldwide. Made by Film Construction.

FRESHNESS: 6.5/10.
EXECUTION: 6.75/10.
IMPACT: 6.75/10.

Courtesy: Bestadsontv.


Erin said...

I work for a research firm and I was wondering, since you know so much about commercials, if you would be able to answer the following questions for me (i can not seem to find them in secondary literature):
How many ads ran in 2006 or 2005?
How many of these ads were shown only once?


anantha said...

if i gave the impression 'i know so much about commercials' i am sorry. i am just a lover of commercials. i don't claim to be an expert. you've posed a very good question. i don't know any definite source that compiles such info. i can only rely on my gut feel. and my gut logic is 80% of the commercials that are made in the globe are very average stuff. usually clients are in love with safe average stuff. so they are bound to play it more than once. to answer your question, i think the one-off spots should be less than 20%. hope that was of some help.